Sweetheart Table and Head Table Decor

Currently planning your wedding? Have you been faced with the decision of whether or not to have a Head Table for you and your bridal party to sit at? Or are you and your new hubby wanting a more personal moment for your reception and would like to have your own Sweetheart Table? Having a Sweetheart Table or a Head Table at your wedding is completely up to you. Personally, here at The Flower Studio, we love either option! We have so many props for our clients to utilize to decorate their Sweetheart or Head Tables. Take a look at these images from our recent weddings that may help you make your choice!

(Photos courtesy of the following photographers: Rachel Solomon Photography, Andrew Jade Photography, Elyse Hall Photography, Erica Velasco Photographers, Brushfire Photography, and Kimberly Jarman Photography)

RS 01.15 AJ 02.15 EH 03.15

EV 04.15 BF 05.15 KJ 06.15













































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