It’s His Day, Too!

05 08

For centuries, it has been said the wedding is the bride’s day – but what about the groom?  Isn’t it the biggest day of his life, too?

It’s the perfect time for your Mr. Right to show his sense of style and individuality; not only by what he wears, but how he is accessorized.  It is time for his personality (the one you fell in love with) to show through.

The boutonnieres of today are not the rose and Baby’s Breath pieces of days gone by.  They are designed with exotic orchids, succulents, berries and unusual foliage.  They are embellished with feathers, metal coils, gems and beads; the sky is the limit!  The elements used today are limited only by the imagination.

So, let’s make the boutonniere that the man in your life will wear on the biggest day of his life as well, something really special.  Remember, he has great taste or he wouldn’t have picked you.



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