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What do you picture when you imagine yourself walking down to the love of your life who is eagerly waiting to pledge his life to you? Do you imagine a blanket of rose petals, an aisle lined with candles or woodland planter boxes, a simple outline of rose petals with candles intermingled, or oversized vases with gorgeous bunches of flowers? The possibilities are endless. Here at The Flower Studio, we can make your imaginings a reality! Get ready for some major aisle and ceremony décor inspiration!

This bride was originally from Colorado and wished to bring the lush, verdant, and woodland style to Arizona. She even mixed in a little Arizona flavor of planted succulents to place down her aisle, along with the planted Maidenhair ferns and orchid plants combined with the romantic glimmer of the candles. The chuppah was constructed of branches, hydrangea, roses and phalaenopsis orchids and resembled an amazing living structure.

Flechner Aisle 1Flechner Aisle 4 Flechner Aisle 3Flechner Aisle 6 Flechner Aisle 5

This bride requested candles everywhere! Her ceremony and aisle décor were only just the preview of what was to come in the reception! The fabric chuppah featured floral detailing around the top and the fabric was tied back with gorgeous satin ribbon ties.

Fish Aisle 2Fish Aisle 3Fish Aisle 5Fish Aisle 4Fish Aisle 1

This particular bride chose to feature an aisle of ombré rose petals with stunning back of the aisle pieces, complete with floral detailing on the Lucite pedestals, as well as a gorgeous fabric chuppah, complete with staggered crystal chandeliers!

Polett Aisle 2Polett Aisle 1Polett Aisle 3

This bride wanted to make a statement by having The Flower Studio create a whimsical, yet bold statement for her aisle. This look was achieved by the ornate and intricate detailing of the rose petals. The back of the aisle décor featured different height Lucite columns topped with vases containing submerged orchids and a gold candelabra that included a snake of hydrangea and roses from top to bottom.

Liguori Aisle 2This aisle and ceremony décor was from a great styled shoot that we were asked to be a part of! The aisle featured clusters of oversized vases, each featuring a different type of flower, as well as geodesic terrariums with succulents. The chuppah featured textured linen draping and asymmetrical floral detail and hanging geodesic chandeliers.

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Here is another bride who wanted a whimsical and elegant scroll design added to her rose petals for her aisle. The back of the aisle arrangements sat upon restored wood columns. The altar featured hanging crystal chandeliers from the enormous Ironwood tree.

Fraser Aisle 1

This aisle featured woodland planter boxes with white, antique green and blue hydrangea, intermixed with an outline of blush rose petals and collections of glass cylinders and candles. The chuppah was completely covered in floral detailing with a fabric top.

Auslander Aisle 1 Auslander Aisle 2

Auslander Aisle 4Auslander Aisle 5 Auslander Aisle 3Auslander Aisle 6

This bride opted for a heavy blanket covering of rose petals for her aisle. The aisle was lined with various different urn style containers featuring floating candles. The back of the aisle featured two, five foot tall iron candelabras decorated with stunning floral arrangements. The chuppah featured heavy floral detailing, as well as hanging votive candles and miniature crystal chandeliers.

Isaacson Aisle 2Isaacson Aisle 3Isaacson Aisle 1

This bride chose a contemporary and elegant design for her aisle. The back of the aisle pieces included Lucite candelabras atop Lucite pedestals with a classic outline of white rose petals for her aisle. The fabric chuppah contained a large crystal chandelier and was accented with oversized floral tie backs designed with white hydrangea, white roses and phalaenopsis orchids.

Carmel Aisle 2 Carmel Aisle 1

This next aisle we’ve chosen to share, features our woodland planter boxes planted with white hydrangea and foliage. The woodland planter boxed showcase beautiful bark detailing. The aisle was the perfect mix of alfresco and classic styling’s.

Costa Aisle 1

And lastly, this bride chose a contemporary style; the aisle featured light boxes with glass cylinder vases with submerged orchids and floating candles and partial outline of white rose petals. The back of the aisle arrangements, designed with white hydrangea, dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids, were placed on top of Lucite pedestals. The chuppah featured floral detailing and a trio of hanging crystal chandeliers and uplighting.

Nodel Aisle

Photo Credits and Thanks: Dreamtime Images, Hollye Schumacher Photography, Amy & Jordan Photography, Brittany Janelle Photography, Mi Belle Photography, Phil Goldman Photographic Design, Marriott Photography, and Harrison Hurwitz Photography

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