2015 Wedding Floral Trends

We can’t believe that 2015 is almost here! With that being said, here is a list of the floral trends we are seeing for our clients for 2015:

Lush, Romantic Bouquets

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The lush, romantic bouquet style is timeless. Whether our brides prefer to keep it simple and clean, to elegant with rustic succulent touches, we always make sure that your bouquet will be one of a kind! Each bridal bouquet is a direct reflection of the bride, so we take pride in making sure that they are original and stylish.

(Image Copyright left to right; Amy & Jordan Photography, Mi Belle Photographers, and EME Photography)

Floral Halos

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Floral halos and crowns are a great way to express individuality.  Whether the halo is for our brides or their flower girls, they are the perfect unique touch to any bridal party.

(Image Copyright left to right; Elyse Hall Photography, Hollye Schumacher Photography, and Gina Meola Photography)


Sweetheart Tables

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Many brides are choosing to pass on the traditional banquet style table setting with their bridal party and are choosing to be seated at a Sweetheart Table. A Sweetheart Table offers our bride and groom’s the solitude and privacy to enjoy their first meal as husband and wife together. The décor for a Sweetheart Table can range from low and lush flower arrangements, to a tablescape of candle light or a combination of the two. The limits are endless with a Sweetheart Table.

(Image Copyright left to right top; Phyllis Lane and Nicolle Moshiri for Jennifer Bowen Photography/left to right bottom; Hollye Schumacher Photography and Melissa Schollaert Photography)


Hanging Floral Décor

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One of the most popular trends we are seeing are hanging floral décor at the ceremony. From hanging chair décor, to sheppard hooks with hanging vases, to hanging vases in trees or from pergola structures, it gives the perfect floral flair for your guests to admire.

(Image Copyright left to right top; EME Photography and Jenn Wagner Photography/ left to right bottom; Kimberly Jarman Photography, Pinkerton Photography and Kimberly Jarman Photography)

When it comes to your special day, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your floral décor! Don’t be shy to think out of the box when consulting with your chosen florist.


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