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Back to Basics: Trees are versatile and oh, so very chic!

Trees are nature’s canopy. They provide shade and a sense of security and beauty.  They can be graceful and romantic.  They can be filled with lush foliage and flowers or sculptural and contemporary, due to the shape of the branches.  Trees are nature’s gift and are amongst the hottest trends for ceremony and reception décor.

TS 3

Imagine – two wrought iron trees, seven or nine feet tall, creating the perfect altar. Four trees of staggered height placed together create a “forest” ceremony. Placing two at the entrance to your aisle will create a natural arch for your guests to walk through.

TS 20

The trees can be designed with hydrangea, roses, orchid stems and heavy foliage, or they can be decorated with hanging glass lighthouse votive candles or glass cones featuring orchid sprays, hydrangea or roses.  To add that touch of glimmer, picture hanging crystal strands from each lighthouse votive.  Just as in nature, no two trees have to be identical and there are no limits to what can be done with them.

TS 42

Trees also make the most extraordinary and impressive centerpiece.  Visualize soaring five feet above your reception tables, simple graceful branches filled with flickering votives.  Flowers can be designed in them or around them; as if they were growing in a garden.  Through the use of floral, they can be a perfect centerpiece to depict a season; such as cherry blossoms in April, fall leaves in October, or evergreens and candles in December.  You are only limited by your imagination.

So when you think about your wedding and you want something distinctive and memorable, go back to the basics with trees.

It’s His Day, Too!

05 08

For centuries, it has been said the wedding is the bride’s day – but what about the groom?  Isn’t it the biggest day of his life, too?

It’s the perfect time for your Mr. Right to show his sense of style and individuality; not only by what he wears, but how he is accessorized.  It is time for his personality (the one you fell in love with) to show through.

The boutonnieres of today are not the rose and Baby’s Breath pieces of days gone by.  They are designed with exotic orchids, succulents, berries and unusual foliage.  They are embellished with feathers, metal coils, gems and beads; the sky is the limit!  The elements used today are limited only by the imagination.

So, let’s make the boutonniere that the man in your life will wear on the biggest day of his life as well, something really special.  Remember, he has great taste or he wouldn’t have picked you.